Buyer Services

Here are a few facts about using our team as your Realtors®

1) You will find that the service and team effort you receive from us cannot be matched by an individual real estate agent.
2) Our services are normally free to buyers.
3) Our most important job is to protect your interests.
4) Previously, our team leader Randy Prothero was the top agent for Century 21 Liberty Homes for several years.
5) We are all full time Realtors®. Real estate is all we do.
6) We will guide you through the process, remove most of the stress and keep
you informed at all times.
7) We will help you find the home of your dreams.
8) We are among the most most highly trained and successful agents on Oahu.

If our services are free to you, how do we get paid?

We normally get paid by the seller and not the buyer. In most cases, the seller’s
contract with their real estate agent gives half of the commission to the buyer’s
real estate agent. If we come across a rare exception, we will alert you up front.

What are some of tasks we perform?

1) Locate candidate homes that meet your criteria and set up appointments to view them.
2) Identify any potential red flags in that property.
3) Help you find other professionals (loan officers, home inspectors, escrow officers, etc.)
4) Provide you a market analysis and public records on any home you choose to make an offer on.
5) Give you guidance on pricing and negotiate on your behalf.
6) Draw up the purchase contract and any needed documents during the purchase process.
7) Explain all documents to you.
8) Open escrow and ensure you are protected through the purchase and in the future.
9) Alert you when you may need opinions from other professionals. (CPA, attorney, contractor, engineer, etc.)

Still interested? Let’s sit down for a no obligations interview.

We would welcome the chance to sit down for an interview with you to discuss your needs. Please contact us today to setup a no obligation meeting. Mahalo for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!