Little Things Add Up! Three Tips on How to Maximize the Value of your Hawaii Home

maximize your Hawaii home value

To max out the value of your Hawaii home when selling it, remember a few things:

1. Less is More! De-clutter and de-personalize. You are selling space, show it off. Allow potential buyers to envision what the home will look like when they move in and to see how much space there is for their stuff. Also you want them to look at the home and not your photo collection.
2. Paint is profit! A little fresh paint makes everything look better. If you are thinking of painting, stop thinking and just do it. It is the most cost effective thing you can do to raise the value of your home.
3. Small repairs should be done in advance. Don’t wait for the home inspector to give you a list of $10 repairs. Do them in advance. No one wants to buy a home that was not maintained. Also buyers will ask for them to be done and it may negatively impact the price you get.
Before spending a lot of money unnecessarily, give me a call to preview your home. I offer free evaluations of your home to help give you guidance on preparing your home for sale.

The Prothero Group offers aggressive marketing programs for your home. Simply put, we sell them faster and for more money.  Call us at (808) 625-5057 to get started today.

About Randy Prothero

Randy works with both buyers and sellers and takes extreme pride in having placed many first time home buyers in homes. He is an area expert for residential real estate and one of a small handful of agents who specialize in working with VA / Military clients. His services are normally free to buyers.

Contact Randy to start the process of buying or selling a home. He will make it a pleasant experience.

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