Mililani named best place in Hawaii for young families!

Mililani named best place in Hawaii for young families

Are you a young family in Hawaii or moving to Oahu?  Consider living in Mililani!  It was recently named by as “Hawaii’s best place for young families.”

When putting together the list NerdWallet took into consideration the following: public school ratings, average home value, ongoing cost of home ownership, average income, and economic growth.

Jenna Blakely of Pacific Business News says: “Aside from Mililani’s reputable schools, the study found the area’s median home value and monthly home ownership costs, at $553,500 and $2,346, to be more affordable than comparable areas.”

Other Oahu communities highlighted in the study include Ewa Villages, Ewa Gentry, Ewa Beach and Pearl City.

See Ms. Blakely’s article in Pacific Business News on Mililani’s ranking here, or check out the original NerdWallet article.

What do you think?  Is Hawaii the best place in Hawaii for young families? If you are considering moving to Mililani, give us a call or email. We’d love to help you find your dream property in Mililani!

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