More Happy Gift Card Winners!

If you are in Mililani be sure to come visit us at the Mililani Town Association events. We serve fresh, free popcorn and raffle off gift cards! Here are some of our recent winners.

Shelly from Mililani, winner of $ 25.00 gift card, Mililani Town Association Movie Night 8/24/19.

Winner $100 Gift Card at Milililani Walmart’s 25 year Celebration.

Josh, July Millilani movie night winner of a $25.00 gift card.

Amanda and Kimberly of Mililani – FIRST time movie night goers! 2 very happy winners of 25.00 gift cards, and phone holders.

Brandi and family, winners of a $25.00 Cheese Cake Factory $25.00 gift card at the MTA Cardboard Regatta (6/22/19)

Arria and Alize, 2 frequent attendees and winners of a Cheesecake Factory $25.00 gift card at the Cardboard Regatta!

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