Client Testimonial: Mandy of Ewa Beach

Congrats to Military/VA clients Mandy and Pete, who we recently helped to purchase a single family home in Ewa Beach. We asked Mandy if she would talk about her experience working with our lead buyer’s agent, Travis, and this is what she had to say. Mahalo Mandy, and congrats on your new home!!

Q: Would you recommend Travis?
A: Yes, I would recommend Travis to other soldiers or anyone that I know that needs a realtor in the area.

Q: What was it like to work with Travis?
A: He was very professional. He got the job done.  We changed our minds a lot in what we looking for and he was very willing and able to go with what we gave him next, and find what we needed and what we were looking for. So, he was very great to work with.

Q: How was working with Travis different than working with other agents?
A: I would say he…last time we worked with VA people they didn’t seem to know as much as Travis knew so he was very knowledgeable on the area, (about buying) a house in Hawaii and VA benefits.

Ewa Beach Realtor Travis Farris with VA/Military clients Mandy & Pete (and 4-legged friend)

Q: How was Travis at solving problems?
A: He was great at solving problems. He seemed to know if the house we were looking at was going to work with the VA loan (or not). Every time that came about he seemed to always know about it and was able to take care of it.

Q: How was working with a Hawaii VA specialist like Travis and how helpful was he in taking advantage of your VA entitlement?
A: He was very helpful in helping us take advantage of our VA entitlement. We had purchased already another home with our VA entitlement and weren’t aware that we could use it again. So, he definitely… (informed us) of our full benefit and helped us take full advantage of it.

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