Waianae Real Estate Client Testimonial – Hugh

Congrats to Hugh, who recently purchased a Waianae single family home with his VA mortgage entitlement! We spoke with Hugh about his experience working with our Lead Buyers Agent, Travis. Here’s what he had to say.  Mahalo Hugh, and enjoy your family’s new home!

Q: Would you recommend Travis Farris?
A: Oh definitely. He was a go-getter from the get-go. Every little thing we asked him to do, he did it and then some, as soon as heard something. Short sales (are) a pretty big deal. It’s pretty amazing, especially hearing from everyone else that short sales take awhile to close, and it closed pretty quickly.

Q: How was Travis at solving Problems?
A: Excellent! Any question we asked, he gave any answer. I’m the type of guy that would rather know bad news than not know anything at all. I was stoked about… especially his initiative. You’re the man, dude!

Q: How was Travis in helping you take advantage of your VA entitlement?
A: I’m stoked actually. I actually lucked out on how good of a guy he was. I heard many people had other bad experiences with the VA. I’m happy they recommended me; My buddy who lives over here actually recommended me to Tony them (of Veterans United) and Tony them gave me Travis so, I was stoked! 10 out of 10!

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